In our very best and latest developments on Dry Nut Oil Roasters, Fryers, you can find the optimum control and handling for Dry Nuts, Frying Oil and Heat treatment.

Generally Speaking

Basically our Dry nut Oil Roasting, Frying line is designed for the continuous processing of SALTED NUTS: Peanuts, Cashew, Macadamia, Almonds and other nuts and consists of the Fryer, Cooler, Glazer and Salter. However, with some extra equipment this oil roasting, frying line can be executed for the processing of COATED PEANUTS and FLOATED SNACKS as well. Please let us know whether this may have your interest, eventually for later expansion.

Dry Nut Oil Roaster, Fryer, direct heated patent

By our special design, regarding direct heated surfaces, by low heat, maximum 250C, the quality of the frying oil will remain much longer at good level so the oil can be used for longer time period, whereas the quality of the end product will be the best possible. Uniform oil heating, uniformly heats oil throughout the fryer so product is cooked equally and with even color.

Control of Frying Parameters

The Mikropoulos single pass frying design offers the greatest degree of process flexibility. Belt depth, retention time, oil clearance and volume, process temperature can be discreetly controlled for optimum frying. Also, in our Dry Nut Oil Roasters you can find  Automatic oil level control.

Control System

Mikropoulos & Co provide fully automatic Oil roasting, frying lines with a unique control panel. 12’’ Touch screen with PLC unit and built-in modem router, linked through Internet straight with our company for 24h service. Precise frying control  by accurately control of temperature and conveyor speed for consistently uniform products. Furthermore our control panel is programmable in order to set the parameters of your choice for each kind of dry nuts.

Most Sanitary Design Available

Our theory is that if it can be seen, it can be cleaned. Automatic conveyor belt’s elevation system for washing purposes also included.

Frying line process characteristics

  • In feed to fryer to be predried peanuts with moisture content: abt. 4-6%
  • Frying Temperature: 150-160C
  • Frying Time: abt. 5 minutes
  • Moisture content after frying: abt. 1 ½ %
  • Frying oil pick – up: abt. 1 ½%
  • Cooling time: abt. 5 minutes
  • Bulk density of the fried product: abt. 650gr/ltr

 Easy installation

All models are pre-wired and include operating controls. Fryer systems delivered pre-piped and pre- assembly to reduce the cost of installation.


Type Production Power Width Length Height
F - 150 50 - 130Kg/h 4Kw 2,00m 6,00m 1,60m
F - 300 150- 300Kg/h 8Kw 3,00m 10,00m 1,90m
F - 600 400 - 600Kg/h 10Kw 3,00m 12,50m 1,90m

In accordance with European, CE, and international regulations, our machines have been designed for safety as well as good hygiene during processing and easy cleaning afterwards.