Electrical Roasters Tunnel Type

Ideal for roasting of all kinds of Dry nuts, peanuts and seeds.

Our latest unique design provides only benefits and advantages. The Electrical Tunnel Type Dry Nut Roaster provides a uniform heat and distribution throughout the whole roasting chamber, providing unique roasting color and final results such as taste, moisture and look. Designed for Roasting all kinds of dry nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The Electrical Roaster has a special heat distribution controller, providing higher rates of efficiency. Always keeping in mind that an oven needs to be cleaned as fast as possible, access doors around the Roasting chamber, slides, residual collection points, provide the operator with the full and fast as possible cleaning process of the Electrical Heated Dry Nut Roaster.

Uniform heat increases product quality.

In our Electrical Tunnel Type Dry Nut Roaster you can find a unique design to ensure uniform roasting across the levels of conveyor belts, producing uniform and stable roasting process.

Heat is delivered both above and below the product layer, enhancing moisture removal and roasting characteristics while minimizing processing time.

Simple & Efficient operation.

One Roasting chamber, One Roasting zone, 3 or 5 heated levels, One main control panel. Direct drive of movement. Adjustable feeding equipment inside the roasting chamber, in order to deter the loss of hot air from the roasting chamber and as a result to gain energy and to achieve less consumption. Special placed electrical resistances, manufactured of stainless steel AISI 310S for high durability and dependability in high temperatures. Equipment that needs and help in 100% for the best possible and healthier roasting. Our latest design was submitted in measurements with showing results of 40% less consumption of energy than our previous models. The simplicity of the Electrical Dry Nut Roaster ensures stable and uniform heat transfer and evenly spread according to the conveyor belts, eliminating the chances of fault. As a result, high efficient operation and precise control of roasting characteristics in addition to the lowest possible utility costs.

Fully adjustable, at any time for optimal performance.

The Electrical Dry Nut Roaster is designed to cover all the specific heat treatment features of each product. The operator can adjust feed parameters, belt’s speed, roasting chamber’s temperature, at any time to suit each dry nut individually and provide optimum performance. Mikropoulos Co can provide fully automatic roasting lines with a unique control panel. 12’’ Touch screen with PLC unit and built-in modem router, linked through Internet straight with our company for 24h service, available. Furthermore our control panel is programmable in order to set the parameters of your choice for each kind of dry nut.

Sanitary Design Available, unstoppable operation.

Our theory is that if it can be seen, it can be cleaned. Doors around the roasting chamber provide access to the entire interior. With external doors open, all areas of the roaster can be accessed for sanitation. Without any hide points, we minimize the risk of bacterial or fire growth.

Almost Fully assembled, minimum installation costs.

As the Electrical Dry Nut Roaster shipped almost fully assembled , the installation time is the minimum possible and as a result the least expensive.


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Type TH3 - 100
Production 30 – 100Kg/h
Total Electric Power 29 Kw
Electrical Consumption 12 Kw/h, in 3 phase 400Volt 50Hz
Size WxLxH  3,5x4,9x3,5 meters

Capacities per product

Hazelnut 130Kg/h
Pistachio 80Kg/h
Almond 60Kg/h
Peanuts 60Kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 50Kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 50Kg/h
Peanut in Shell 30Kg/h



Type TH3 - 150
Production 50 – 150Kg/h
Total Electric Power 38 Kw
Electrical Consumption 17 Kw/h, in 3 phase 400Volt 50Hz
Size WxLxH  3,5x5,4x3,5 meters


Capacities per product

Hazelnut 150Kg/h
Pistachio 100Kg/h
Almond 90Kg/h
Peanuts 90Kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 80Kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 70Kg/h
Peanut in Shell 50Kg/h



Type TH3 - 180
Production 80 – 180Kg/h
Total Electric Power 48 Kw
Electrical Consumption 22 Kw/h, in 3 phase 400Volt 50Hz
Size WxLxH  3,5x5,9x3,5 meters

Capacities per product

Hazelnut 180Kg/h
Pistachio 130Kg/h
Almond 120Kg/h
Peanuts 120Kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 110Kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 100Kg/h
Peanut in Shell 80Kg/h



Type TH3 - 300
Production 150 – 300Kg/h
Total Electric Power 60 Kw
Electrical Consumption 28 Kw/h, in 3 phase 400Volt 50Hz
Size WxLxH  3,5x5,9x4,2 meters

Capacities per product

Hazelnut 300Kg/h
Pistachio 200Kg/h
Almond 190Kg/h
Peanuts 190Kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 180Kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 170Kg/h
Peanut in Shell 150Kg/h

Electrical-Roasters-Tunnel-Type small

Electrical-Roasters-Tunnel-Type small-TH3