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>Mikropoulos & Co. L.P., with head office in Thessaloniki - Greece, is specialized in the design, construction and installation of machinery and plants for the Dry nuts industry, particularly Roasting plants for any type of Dry nuts such as pistachio, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, cashew, walnuts, etc.

Mikropoulos & Co. L.P. creates and develops safe and reliable dry nuts Roasting Lines that combine in the best way the advantages of the industrial standardization and the accuracy of the artisan production. The experience matured over the years and has enabled Mikropoulos & Co. L.P. to become one of the world leaders in the sector of Dry nuts industry.

The Mikropoulos product range covers also the entire production process of Pistachio: Open – Close sorting machines, by offering 98% of accuracy. Rotary Driers batch and continuous flow types, vibratory sieve cleaners, cracking lines for dry nuts with patented systems.

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In addition to the machinery and the production plants the Mikropoulos offer includes also a service at high level of customer assistance and support already in the project study phase, which continues during construction and after-sales phases, both at the level of technical assistance and technological assistance with “know-how” transfer.