Open - Close Sorting Machines

This machine is designed to separate the open from closed pistachios. Its Pistachio Sorting ability is up to 98%. The sorting process is in a mechanical way. There are several groups depending on the model and each one consists of two spike axes and two brush axes. The spike axel has the ability to catch the open pistachio and the axle brush releases it and drives it to a specific collecting place, open pistachio exit. Close pistachios cannot be hatched by the spikes, so are driven to another different collection site, close pistachio exit.

Pistachio Open Close Sorter's Control

The pistachio open close sorter is fully adjustable. Pistachio's feeding, axes rotation speed, pistachio's retention time on the axes, axis angles are controlled by a variable electronic speed drive. By choosing the specific adjustments, you can change the percentages between open, close pistachio in a matter of minutes. This allows duplicating existing sorting parameters, but also provides the ability to modify the parameters and possibly improve the process in the future.

Pistachio Open Close Sorters offered in different models, depending on their productivity.

Type Production Power Width Length Height
D1 20 - 25Kg/h 1,5 kw 70 cm 340 cm 240 cm
 D2 40 - 50Kg/h 2  kw  130 cm 460 cm 350 cm
 DA3 75 - 100Kg/h  2,5 kw  330 cm 460 cm 370 cm
 DA4 100 - 125Kg/h  5 kw  370 cm 460 cm 430 cm
 DA5 125 - 150Kg/h  6 kw  420 cm 460 cm 360 cm
 DA6 150 - 180Kg/h  7 kw  550 cm 460 cm 360 cm
 DA12 200 - 300Kg/h  9 kw  700 cm 460 cm 360 cm


A common Pistachio Sorter consists of:

  • Pistachio Feeding elevator
  • Pistachio waiting silo
  • Pistachio feeders
  • Pistachio Main Sorting machine
  • Elevator of already sorted pistachio (open - close)
  • Waiting silo of separated pistachio