Spices pin mill smaill

Mikropoulos offers a New Pin Mill for grinding or pulverizing purposes for food industry and especially for food and feedstuff, spices, nuts, dairy products, pigments and more.

Pin Mills, type "PS", covers the full range of size reduction. Especially are used for fine to finest grinding of dry, brittle or hard grind materials. Stable feeding mechanism included. The products come centrally into the grinding chamber and pass through magnetic separator. Grinding is done by impact and whirling between the concentrically mounted pin rows of the rotating and the stationary discs. Size reduction is done according to the requirements. Particle size is determined by speed. The ground material is either sacked underneath the machine or mechanically conveyed.

Rotor Diameter 250mm.
Motor Power 7.5kW.

  • Easy access to the grinding chamber, for cleaning purposes, due to large doors.
  • Very fine powder due to high speed, up to 8.000 rpm.
  • Fully adjustable speeds due to inverters.
  • Special design for cryogenic grinding.
  • Machine housing is welded design.
  • Gearbox, special designed by Mikropoulos.
  • Gearbox assembly flanged to the rear wall of the housing.
  • Direct transmission.
  • Product contact parts made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • Polished surfaces.