Hazelnuts Blanching Machines

This machine is designed to remove the brown skin of the Hazelnut kernels, without cause any problem in their appearance. We use the dry way, which consists of rotating rubber flaps into a perforated drum. Ideal for already roasted, both Whole, and split Hazelnuts used, when making hazelnut butter.

It is designed for easy operation, maintenance, reliability, performance and sanitation. Batch type model, exclusively made of Stainless Steel AISI 316L.

Also, several Hazelnut blanchers, peelers can be placed in a complete processing line, with different capacities.

In three types available:

LF: without Air suction
LFT: with Air suction
LF100: A complete semi – automatic Hazelnut Blanching, Peeling machine with:
• Feeding bucket elevator
• Main Hazelnut blancher, peeler with capacity 100kg/5min
• Vibratory cleaning sieve with Air suction.