Coffee Transport System

Mikropoulos & Co. provides coffee roasting equipment to enhance your roasting experience. Designed according to your coffee roasting process requirements, we combined our experience together with your feedback according to the latest technology. Up on demand, we can manufacture coffee roasting equipment that fit your needs and integrate seamlessly with your coffee roaster.

All our roasting equipment is almost Handmade by craftsman with high-quality materials and reliable.

Coffee Transporter Destoner

A 2 in 1 coffee processing machine that handles the already roasted coffee beans with care and provides an extra quality check to your roasting process. Reduce the risk of foreign objects in your coffee and possible damage to your coffee grinder. In addition, this type of Coffee Equipment can be adaptive to your Coffee Roaster to become an automatic Coffee Processing Line. With no more lifting of heavy sacks of coffee. To reduce manual handling tasks, or risks, which return on a daily basis and to increase speed and better working economies. For example, it can pick up the already roasted coffee beans from the Roaster’s cooler and move them to the next machine, such as the coffee mixer. Fully customizable to match your brand.

  • Roasted Coffee Beans Mixer
  • Roasted Coffee Beans Waiting Silo
  • Roasted Coffee Grinder’s Base
  • Roasted Coffee Waiting silos on wheels

In accordance with European, CE, and international regulations, our machines have been designed for safety as well as good hygiene during processing and easy cleaning afterwards.